Square Shampoo Bar Mould

Size: W4.5cm (1.75 inches)

Square Shower Steamer/Shampoo Bar Mould

We design our 3 piece bath bomb mould with all bath bomb makers in mind. The moulds we created are perfect to be used with bare hands or with a manual bath bomb press.  If you looking to step your bath bomb game up with custom creations, our bath bomb mould is the right choice for you. 

All our moulds contain 3 pieces:

  • Mould Top
  • Mould Bottom 
  • Mould Cylinder

Bath Bomb Sizes:

  • 6 sizes are available to choose from.
  • Customized sizes are also available, please reach out to us for further discussion. 

Care Information:

  • HAND WASH only
  • Please do NOT soak the mould in water, this may weaken the bond between the printed layers
  • Dry the mould completely before the next use

Please Note:

All of our moulds are MADE TO ORDER, the standard processing time is 3 business days. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Square shampoo Bar Mould

Very well made. Purchase for shower steamers. Not used yet as humidity to high. Im extremely happy with the quality of this mould and the heart one I purchased. Highly recommend

Maya Chhantyal
Same as shown

This mould is exactly what is shown on picture and works perfectly for for shampoo bar.

Reviewer avatar
Rhonda Nelson
Fantastic easy to use

Great mould and will recommend. Item comes out so easy. Great for many uses such as shower steamers, bath bombs and more

Winda Albert
Shampoo Mould

Best customer service AAA they've exchange my damaged item instantly and delivered it the next day. The product is good quality. I have purchased a number of items and I was very happy with it and very easy to use. I will continue to order more. Thank.you for your service x

Sharon S
Excellent mould. Many thanks, Sharon 🫒

Excellent mould. Many thanks, Sharon 🫒

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