I. For Silicone Moulds:

1) Do you offer custom moulds service?

Yes we do!

Currently we just offer customised moulds with logos/patterns on within our range of silicone pot moulds. We don't offer exclusive custom shaped mould.

We charge a one-time flat rate of $350 for customised lid mould design. Or/and one-time $495 for customised pot mould design.


If you're interested in customised mould, please send us the logo/patterns with clear background in JPG, PNG or SVG format to our email address as follows:


Process time is 10 business days after order confirmation. 


II. For 3D printed bath bomb moulds:

1) Why do I need 3D printed moulds for my bath bomb production?

3D printed moulds, also called hand press moulds, will help you create beautiful bath bombs without the need for an expensive press. 3D printed moulds are very durable compared to normal plastic moulds. When properly cared for, they will last for many years, making them a smart investment for all bath bomb makers.

2) How are your 3D printed moulds different from other moulds?

We designed our moulds with the makers in mind. We designed and tested the moulds personally to make sure that the finished product not only looks beautiful, but also that bath bomb makers will find the moulds easy to use. After initial tests, we modified the design and then tested them again, doing so until they met our high quality standards.

We have lots of videos of we using the moulds, please refer to the Reel section of our Instagram account (@le.moulds) for your reference.

3) Do you offer custom moulds service?

Unfortunately we current don't offer custom mould service.

4) Are all of the moulds in stock or are they made to order?

All of our moulds are made to order.

5) What is the processing time?

Our standard processing time is 3 business days. However, process time may vary based on demand. Please check for any announcements at the top of our page for any change in processing time due to a high volume of orders.

6) What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. Please refer to our shipping policy page for more information.

7) Note: How to care for your moulds after use

  • HAND WASH only!
  • Please DO NOT soak the mould in water, as this may weaken the bonds between the printed layers.
  • Dry the mould completely before the next use.


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