Fun DIY Bath Bomb Moulds & Kits for Sale Online in Australia

Whether you are looking for an imaginative gift for family and friends, or a fun way to lock in some “me time”, crafting your own bath bombs is a terrific hobby to get your creative juices flowing! At Lemoulds, we provide quality, creative moulds to help individuals of all skill sets experience the joys of making your own unique blends, helping to transform your regular bath time from dull to delightful!

Bath Bomb Maker Kits and Moulds for Sale at Great Prices

Developing our very own DIY bath moulds and kits in Melbourne for delivery across Australia and around the world, we at Lemoulds are passionate about creating collections of plastic bath moulds that are ideal for everyone. Including everything from candle making moulds, shower bars and the classic bath bomb, we offer a variety of online options to suit the tastes of our customers. Our easy-to-use plastic moulds are ideal for those looking to create bath bombs by hand or using bath bomb maker kits.

Made with durable plastic, our bath bomb supplies are of a high quality so that you can continue to use them again and again without the worry of wear and tear.

DIY Care Information for Your Bath Bomb Moulds & Kits

To keep our incredible products and supplies in their optimum condition, we recommend that you HAND WASH only, refraining from soaking in water as this can weaken the bond between the printed layers. Be sure to dry the bath bomb maker completely before your next use to ensure you experience the best results every time.

Shop Bath Bomb Moulds & Kits Online Across Australia Today

Shop our fun bath bomb moulds online and stock up on the supplies and materials you will need to create your DIY bath bomb designs at affordable prices.

All our moulds for sale are made to order in Melbourne, ready for shipping across Australia. Take advantage of our affordable prices and a flat rate of $8.95 for express shipping on all our fun bath bomb moulds so that you can enjoy your purchase even sooner!

To learn more about our incredible bath bomb maker options, contact our team in Melbourne today at

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