Candle Refill Moulds

Discover a new, greener option for enjoying your candles. Choose our custom-made candle refill moulds designed specifically for popular Australian candle jars.

Unique candle moulds

Checkout some of the exclusive styles designed and made by Lemoulds

Silicone Pot Moulds

Create your one of the kind candle vessels.

Designed and made by Lemoulds in Australia.

Premium cure USA sourced silicone, support ring included for consistent casting results.


Regarding Bath Bomb Moulds

We don't do any exclusive 3D printed moulds, eg. your logo on the moulds, etc.

But if you have an desired shape of mould but couldn't find it on the market, we can design it and add to our collection.

Our moulds are designed to be used by hand or hand press. They are not compatible with hydrailic press.

But we can construct our moulds with different structure and print with stronger material, they will be suitable for hydralic press.

Please reach out to us if you're interested.

Simply add 4 bath bomb moulds to your cart and when you reaches checkout page, the discount will apply automatically, no code needed!

Regarding Silicone Pot Moulds

We use the best silicone on the market (USA moldstar silicone).

All our silicone pot mould come with support ring to ensure the consistent casting result everytime.

Sorry we don't offer exclusive custom mould service at the moment.

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