Monaco Medium Jar Candle Refill Silicone Mould

Wick Type: Cotton Wick
Quantity: 1 Unit

Monaco Medium Jar Candle Refill Silicone Mould

Candle refill silicone mould for Monaco Medium Jar from Aussie Candle Supply.

Candle refills just make so much sense, don't they? Such a good way for customers to reuse the beautiful candle vessel you crafted, enjoy the candle in a sustainable way! 

However, do you ever use a candle refill mould but had a hard time to keep the wick in place (We have been there). Sometimes it just difficult to stick the wick on the bottom of the mould. So we are here to solve this problem!

Product features:

  • Build-in wick centring circle to hold your wick in place
  • Specially designed wick holder included (suitable for regular shaped cotton and wooden wick)
  • Made from flexible food grade silicone, easy to demould
  • Original design by Lemoulds, you won't find it anywhere else 

Other wick option:

We're more than happy to tailor the wick position to suit your specific requirements. Feel free to get in touch with us

Process Time:

All of our moulds are MADE TO ORDER, the standard processing time is 3-6 business days before dispatch. 

How to demould:

Please refer to the below video for your reference:

Care information:

Please checkout our silicone moulds care page here.

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