5 Types of Bath Bomb Moulds: Pros and Cons

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Are you looking to elevate your heavenly-scented bath bombs? Have you been dying to know just how to best achieve your egg mould designs? Perhaps you are still wondering how many bombs per bath make for a truly relaxing tub? 

At Lemoulds, we are experts in using custom 3D bath bomb moulds in Australia, and we are here to provide information to help you answer these questions and prepare you to choose which bath bomb mould materials will work best for you. 

After all, with so many bath bomb moulds available in Australia, it can get a bit overwhelming when the time comes to make your decision. So, here are five different moulds you can choose from, along with the pros and cons you can expect from each one. 

Metal Bath Bomb Moulds

If you are using a metal bath bomb mould, chances are it is made from aluminium. This material ensures your moulds are lightweight and can be produced quickly for those looking to buy large, wholesale orders. 

Metal moulds are highly durable, particularly for the sphere to egg mould designs, as they hold their shape and maintain their condition for a long time. They are also relatively cost-effective; however certain options, such as stainless steel, can result in a slightly higher price. 

While they are difficult to damage, they can be challenging to repair if dents occur. Also, without proper care, they can rust and lose their integrity. 

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Bath Bomb Moulds

When creating bath bombs, like diamond and egg designs, using a thin clear plastic made from high-density polyethylene is one of the preferred choices of moulds in Australia for wholesale needs. 

This material can create a variety of shapes, and the fact that it is cheaper than other options and easy to transport means it is also a good choice for those looking to produce large amounts of bath bombs. 

However, once the surface of HDPE is scratched, it isn’t easy to prevent mixtures from sticking to the indents. It also becomes prone to breaking over time as the rigid plastic wears down. 

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Bath Bomb Moulds

In contrast to HDPE’s clear plastic, LDPE is identified by its cloudy look and suitability for designs like a sphere and egg moulds. 

This plastic is thicker and more flexible than other moulds, making it less breakable in the long term. 

It is also easy to recycle this material, reducing your carbon footprint. 

Like HDPE, LDPE can be scratched upon use, compromising your finished products. The moulds can also discolour, but this does not impact their overall performance. 

3D Printed Bath Bomb Moulds

Sturdy and dependable, 3D bath bomb moulds are a popular choice for individuals and small businesses across Australia looking to produce bath bomb creations. 

Whether you are seeking standard designs, like bath bomb egg moulds or something a bit more unique, 3D bath bombs are printed thickly to withstand the necessary pressure.

Compared to other material choices, 3D bath bomb moulds can be considered slightly more expensive since they take a little bit longer to produce. Also, if they are not adequately cared for, water can penetrate the layers during cleaning, which can cause the mould to come apart. 

Silicone Bath Bomb Moulds

If you are looking for bath bomb moulds in Australia that are cheap and easily accessible for wholesale solutions, then silicone might be the material for you. 

These versatile designs can withstand repeated use and can be repurposed for other creations, including waxes and soaps. 

While long-wearing, it is not the most durable material to use for bath bomb moulds. If you were hoping to mass produce your products, silicone lacks the required rigidity as they bend and change shape. Shapes in this material, like bath bomb egg moulds, are best used for one-off makes or smaller projects. 

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