Do Bath Bombs Stain Your Tub and What Can You Do If It Happens?

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Who doesn’t love relaxing in the tub with a deliciously colourful bath bomb & candle set? And yet, how many of us have seen stories warning of the effects they can have on our tubs and showers?

Well, fear not! In truth, a standard bath bomb size and recipe is very unlikely to leave stains on your tub – but what should you do if you are one of the unlucky few who spots patchy tub stains after your soak?

At Lemoulds Australia, we have put together some tips and information to help you enjoy carefree bath bomb bliss every time!

What are Bath Bombs Made of & How Much Bath Bomb Should You Use?

Knowing what your bath bombs are made of is a great way to determine whether they are likely to stain your tub or shower. Generally, a bath bomb recipe contains three things:

  • baking soda
  • citric acid
  • cornflour

These ingredients create the fun, fizzing effect we all enjoy, as well as soothing irritated skin. Recipes are also enhanced further by the addition of colourants, scents and essential oils.

It is important to be aware of how much of a bath bomb recipe to use in your tub. A standard bath bomb size should not leave any marks, but exceeding the standard amount increases this likelihood.

Ensuring you follow the right water to bath bomb ratio is also important when you are experimenting with how much bath bomb to use. With too little water, the intensity of the colour is more concentrated, leaving traces in your tub or shower.

Why Do Some Bath Bombs Stain Your Tub?

Every bath bomb size and recipe is different depending on the ingredients and retailer. Some do, unfortunately, include certain vibrant colourants known to stain tubs. That said, it is rare the bath bomb recipe alone will create a stain on your tub.

If the bath bomb ratio of ingredients has been miscalculated, this increases the likelihood that the product will stain your tub. Unfortunately, human error will always exist. So, it is a good idea to stick with trusted brands like Lemoulds for all your bath bomb recipes and sets.

Following instructions like balancing the water and bath bomb ratio, adhering to the time limits that coloured water can sit in your tub, and using only the standard bath bomb size can all help to reduce the likelihood of stains.

Tips to Stop Bath Bombs from Staining Your Tub

While it is quite rare for a standard bath bomb size product to stain your tub, there are ways you can prevent any unsightly marks.

1. Avoid Brightly Coloured Bombs in Your Tub

We all love a brightly coloured bath bomb set, but these recipes are more likely to stain your tub. As such, if possible, choose bath bomb sets not too brightly coloured.

2. Fill Your Tub the Whole Way for a Balanced Ratio

The more water that is in your tub, the less concentrated the colours and oils from the bath bomb recipe. Along with ensuring you have the right amount of water to match the standard bath bomb size and water ratio, this will contribute to keeping your tub clean and stain-free!

3. ‘Shower With’ or ‘Shower Down’

Move into the shower and avoid stains entirely! Bath bombs used in the shower create the same effects that you enjoy in the bath.

If using bath bombs in the shower is not for you, as soon as you are finished in your tub, be sure to shower down and wash the area. This will remove any lingering colour before it gets the chance to stain.

4. Take Care When Cleaning Your Tub

Cleaning your tub is necessary, but you should be mindful of the kind of products you‘re using. Harsh chemicals can affect the coating on your tub, breaking it down and leaving it more susceptible to bath bomb stains.

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