7 Unique Candle Decoration Ideas

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A classic way to revitalise and refresh your home décor is to introduce some beautiful, eye-catching candles. Thanks to an ongoing interest in DIY candle making and the production of stunning candle moulds, long gone are the days of traditional taper candles and uninspired white-wax candle designs; instead, the exciting new variety of waxes, scents and designs have created a wealth of candle decoration ideas ready for you to explore!

Whether you are an expert in candle decorating or a complete beginner, there are many ways you can create the look of your dreams with our many design ideas and DIY decorations from Lemoulds. To help you find some inspiration for your own candle decoration ideas, we have put together some examples and suggestions for decorating ideas to demonstrate how versatile and exciting candle design can be. Here are 7 of our favourite unique candle design ideas guaranteed to lend an air of classic elegance or contemporary style to your home décor.

1. Spice Up Your Home Décor with Pillar Candles

Pillar candles are an excellent starting point for those initially experimenting with candle design ideas and decorating. Able to carry off a simple, yet unique look, these candles require little in the way of decoration to achieve a desirable aesthetic. Explore a minimalist look with a simple glass terrarium, or embrace the natural, beachy trend and add some coloured sand and textured shells. Whatever your tastes, pillar candle design ideas are the perfect way to shake up your home décor.

2. Explore Floating Candle Design Ideas

Calming and serene, there are several gorgeous floating candle decoration ideas to introduce into your home. Why not try using some simple, transparent candle holders filled with decorative pieces like shells or faux jewels submerged in clear water? This helps to recreate a spa-like atmosphere as a lit candle is suspended gently at the surface.

3. Combine Organic & Geometric Shape Candle Decoration Ideas

Few of our candle design ideas are more striking than the combination of soft natural lines and sharp geometric shapes. Available in free stand designs or complemented by holders, these help to bring a modern, contemporary twist to your home décor. In many instances, a simple candle can be elevated with an artistic holder, helping you keep your look on-trend in a minimalistic way, whilst providing you with the opportunity to decorate your otherwise plainer candle options.

4. Complement Home Décor with Candle Holders

From the basic holder to the luxurious candelabra, candle holders and stands have been used to complement décor for centuries. More often than not, the addition of a stylish candle holder can open endless possibilities for candle decorating ideas. Whether you are looking for a simple stand or an eye-catching lantern or sconces, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating a decorative candle holder to complement your home décor. Experiment with placement around your home to maximise the visual impact of your holders and candle design ideas.

5. Artistic Candle Jar Design Ideas

Sometimes, all it takes to spruce up your candle decoration ideas is a uniquely designed jar. Practical as well as visually pleasing, your design ideas involving artistic jars can range from simple to elaborate, with pops of colour, striking textures and contemporary prints adding another level to your home décor. You can even choose gorgeous transparent jars to highlight your more unique candle moulds without worrying about any naked flames.

6. Play with Height for Candle Decoration Ideas

This is one of the best options for realising how decorating with new candles can have a truly inspiring effect with little fuss. Candle design ideas involving moulds of different heights is a timeless way of bringing a tiered, natural look to your arrangements. With only a handful of decorations and accessories, like a simple wooden tray, white pebbles, or neutral sand, you can arrange approximately seven to nine candles of various heights in an appealing pattern. Simply light the candles and watch as the flickering shadows add another element to this gorgeous home décor piece.

7. Experiment with Moulds for Your Candle Home Décor

Moving outside of your usual tastes can help to reinvent your home décor for the better. More and more people are beginning to challenge the idea of what traditional candle design ideas look like in their living spaces, and are embracing bolder decoration ideas as a result. You, too, can experience the beauty and style that a unique candle design can offer by experimenting with DIY decorating.

Able to hold their own as an individual art piece before even being lit, why not try some statement candle moulds to follow and challenge the current trends and ideas around their design? Whether you enjoy Grecian figures, complex geometric designs, or even silhouettes of the human form, there are many different mould options out there for you to discover. What better way to find your own personal style than through experimentation with our stunning selection of candle moulds?


Discover Unique Silicone Candle Moulds & Decorating Ideas at Lemoulds

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