How We Make Our Bath Bombs

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We love making bath bomb moulds that are easy to use and fabulous to look at. Our passion for this craft means that we’re always being asked what recipe we use to make our own bath bombs! Knowing how to make a bath bomb can be as simple or elaborate as you wish, with the ability to blend a variety of ingredients to develop luxurious blends that create soothing, opulent atmospheres to elevate your regular bath experience.

If you are looking for ways to make your own homemade bath bombs, there are plenty of DIY recipes and methods that you can follow to experiment with formulas until you find one that suits you. At Lemoulds, we pride ourselves on providing quality moulds, DIY bath bomb ingredients and materials to help our customers explore the different ways of making bath bombs in their own homes.

So, for the curious crafter who loves a soothing soak, we have finally decided to share our not-so-secret-anymore bath bomb recipe. Gather these ingredients for yourself and begin experimenting with the different ways to make your own bath bombs today. Enjoy!

What You’ll Need When Making DIY Bath Bombs

670g  Baking soda

27g    Cream of tartar

18g    SLSA

12g    Kaolin clay

450g  Citric acid

Mica colourant to be used as required.

7g      Polysorbate 80

3g      Shea butter

15g    Sweet almond oil

12g    Fragrance oil

12g    Isopropyl alcohol

The total weight of the mixture comes to 1217g, which should be enough to make 10 bath bombs! This amount of DIY bath bomb mixture will create the opportunity to make your own bath bombs both for yourself and loved ones who appreciate a truly magical bath experience.

What does Kaolin Clay do in bath bombs?

One of the best homemade bath bomb ingredients to use when you make your own bath bombs is Kaolin Clay. This versatile ingredient is known for being useful when making DIY bath bombs as it offers benefits to your skin including absorbing extra oil, calming irritated skin, and helping to reduce acne. Kaolin clay also helps to keep your homemade bath bomb together, adding some much-needed sturdiness and structure!

We also love that this ingredient acts as a natural exfoliant and stimulates circulation, creating a youthful, radiant glow all over your skin.

How much Mica should I use in my homemade bath bomb?

For those who would like to add a little pizzazz to their homemade bath bombs, we recommend using Mica as a colourant ingredient. Mica is easy to work into your bath bomb mixture and there are lots of colour options available, often with a gentle shimmer. When creating homemade bath bombs, you can sprinkle some Mica powder into your mould before filling your bath bomb mixture to create a more pigmented look.

Less is more to begin with when it comes to making bath bombs. Experiment and find out what’s right for you and your preferences for homemade bath bomb recipes. We would recommend using no more than 2 teaspoons per 450g – that means no more than around 5 and a half teaspoons of mica with this recipe.

How To Make Our Bath Bombs: The Method

Now you’ve got the ingredients for the DIY bath bomb recipe, it’s time to make some magic!

  1. To begin making your homemade bath bombs, put all your dry bath bomb ingredients into a large mixing bowl. So that is the baking soda, Kaolin clay, cream of tartar, SLSA, Citric acid and Mica. Carefully whisk them all together, until the dry ingredients of your bath bomb are combined.
  1. Mix together the wet bath bomb ingredients in a separate dish. This should include the shea butter, sweet almond oil, a fragrance oil of your choosing, Isopropyl alcohol, and polysorbate 80. Whisk until they are fully combined.
  1. Very slowly add the wet mixture to the dry mixture, little by little, whisking to combine each time to make your own DIY bath bombs.
  1. Check the consistency of the mixture as you follow the bath bomb recipe. You want it to slightly clump together in your hand and it mustn’t be too wet.
  1. Once you have finished, you might like to add a little water to help all of the bath bomb ingredients combine. Be sure to whisk the mixture quickly when you do this, as it may begin to fizz!
  1. Pack one of our bath bomb moulds with a portion of the mixture - there should be enough for 10 homemade bath bombs, so you can mix and match your favourites!
  1. Demould the DIY bath bombs, allow it to dry 24-48 hours before pack them.

All of our Australian bath bomb moulds are 3D printed upon request using durable material that you can use again and again! This helps us to promote ways of making bath bombs using sustainable practices and offer our customers the opportunity to make their own bath bombs as often as they wish.

We love what we do, and we ship to companies across the globe to empower DIY bath bomb creators around the world. Find out how to make your own bath bombs using our recipes, moulds and ingredients, as well as why our bath bomb moulds are right for you.

Make Your Own Bath Bomb Recipes Today with Lemoulds Creations

Now that you know the bath bomb recipe, ingredients, and methods we use at Lemoulds, it is time to begin making bath bombs to suit your unique tastes. Take advantage of our range of amazing collections of bath bomb moulds to help you learn more about how to make bath bombs, and check out our range of wonderful products including shower steamer moulds, easter themed DIY bath bomb materials and much more.

To learn more about how to find recipes and create homemade bath bombs, you can get in touch with us at and we will strive to answer any questions about how to make your own DIY bath bombs today.

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